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What is DARCI?

DARCI stands for Digital ARtist Communicating Intention. DARCI is a system designed to produce original images that could be considered creative. She is a part of ongoing research about what it means to be creative. DARCI can be thought of as a child with observational skills but a limited understanding of the world.

Why this website?

In order to produce meaningful art, DARCI needs to be able to communicate intention in her creations. This means that she needs to have some grasp of language and how it relates to images. One purpose of this website is to allow people to teach DARCI how language associates with images.

Another purpose of this site is to allow DARCI to display her own creations and receive feedback. Every day DARCI posts her latest creation. These images are usually inspired by images and text found in recent popular articles. After critiquing DARCI’s daily art, a link is provided to this source article.

Why only adjectives?

Right now, DARCI can only recognize general features in an image such as how much blue there is, how blurry an image is, or if an image contains general shapes. So it would be very difficult for DARCI to be able to recognize any specific object within an image. For this reason, we have restricted DARCI’s vocabulary to adjectives. This will allow DARCI to focus on qualities like the style of an image or the emotional response an image conveys.

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